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emmi-pet Dog Leashes and Collars / Small or Large

emmi-pet Dog Leashes and Collars / Small or Large

emmi-pet Dog Leash / emmi-pet Collar - Small or Large 

All items can also be ordered individually. 
With the emmi-pet dog leash and collar walking with your dog is even more fun. 

Order your favorite one from the drop-down menu. The new emmi-pet dog leashes with individually adjustable collars and rugged metal carabiners. 

The emmi-pet dog leashes and emmi-pet collars are available in a set (large or small) or individually.

The emmi-pet dog leashes are made of hard-wearing polyester in the emmi-pet colors. 

The length of the small leash is 1.5 meters and the small emmi-pet collar is individually adjustable for your dog between 28 and 40 cm.

The length of the large leash is 2 meters and the large emmi-pet collar is adjustable between 38 and 60 cm. 

So that you and your pet are always on the safe side in the dark, reflective stripes are incorporated into the leashes. 

emmi-pet Dog Leash and emmi-pet Collar - Your dog will love them.

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Article-No. 63003         1 emmi-pet Dog Leash (small)
Article-No. 63004         1 emmi-pet Dog Leash (large)
Article-No. 63005         1 emmi-pet Collar (small)
Article-No. 63006         1 emmi-pet Collar (large)

Article-No. 60063003   1 emmi-pet Dog Leash (small) / 1 emmi-pet Collar (small)
Article-No. 60063004   1 emmi-pet Dog Leash (large) / 1 emmi-pet Collar (large)