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emmi-dent K2  Only suitable for emmi-dent Metallic

emmi-dent K2 Only suitable for emmi-dent Metallic

€12.52 *

emmi®-dent K2 - Transparent attachments - For kids  

Ultrasonic attachments for tooth cleaning with 100% original ultrasonic. 
14 QP 

Now with improved ultrasonic brush technology and handmade transparent optics! Save our environment & resources now with our sustainable packaging!

  • Ultrasonic toothbrush attachment for dental braces
  • For use with emmi®-dent Metallic & Professional
  • 2 attachments for the ultrasonic toothbrushes from emmi®-dent
  • Improved ultrasonic brush technology
  • Transparent brush head
  • Handmade
100% original ultrasound for clean and shiny white teeth.

* Costs for shipping and customs (where applicable) are additional

emmi®-dent K2 - For kids - Transparent attachments
Ultrasonic attachments for dental cleaning with 100% original ultrasonic
14 QP 

Please note that the emmi®-dent K4 attachments are just suitable for use with the emmi®-dent Metallic & Professional ultrasonic toothbrush.

The emmi®-dent K2 ultrasound attachments, which have been specially developed for children, are small and slim and thus adapted to a child's mouth. As children often do not like brushing when brushing their teeth, the original emmi®-dent ultrasonic attachment is the optimal solution.

The emmi®-dent ultrasonic attachments K2 contain a special, worldwide patented Piezo-Ceramic-Disc in the brush head to generate the 100% original emmi®-dent ultrasonic.

Brush your teeth without movement and pressure with original ultrasonic. With the original ultrasonic from emmi®-dent you can reliably protect your children's teeth from the formation of plaque, tartar and caries.

These new ultrasonic attachments should be replaced after a period of use of 4 months at the latest. After this period the ability of the bristles to transmit the ultrasound weakens to 100% and optimal dental cleaning and oral hygiene is no longer guaranteed. Our standard ultrasonic attachments have a service life of 3 months.

2 pieces are included in the scope of delivery.

100% original ultrasonic for clean and shiny white children's teeth.