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Concentrate Set Home

Concentrate Set Home

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Concentrate Set Home

16 QP 

Scope of delivery: 
1 EM-080 Multipurpose Cleaner -100ml  
1 EM-070 Dental Cleanser-100ml  
1 EM-200 Disinfecting Concentrate -100ml

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Concentrate Set Home 
16 QP 

Scope of delivery: 
1 EM-080 Multipurpose Cleaner -100ml  
Easily removes grease- and oil residues, as well as other contaminations on glass, synthetic materials and metals.
1 EM-070 Dental Cleanser - 100ml  
Completely removes impurities on dentures and braces. Also suitable for cleaning of parts made out of stainless steel, precious metals, porcelain, glass, synthetic materials. Also suitable for the thorough removal of cement and gypsum residues.  

1 EM-200 Disinfecting Concentrate - 100ml  
Disinfecting concentrate for medical instruments and accessories.

The new Concentrate Set Home perfectly covers all areas of ultrasound cleaning.  
Delivery for Concentrate Set Home:
1 piece EM-080 universal cleaner - 100ml
Removes all contaminants with ease. Suitable for glass, optical glasses (spectacles), plastics, metals, gold and silver jewelery.

1 piece EM-070 Dental Cleaner - 100ml
Removes all contaminants in the dental field as well as cement and plaster residues completely. Suitable for dentures, braces, stainless steel, precious metals, glass (glasses), plastic and porcelain.

1 piece of EM-200 disinfectant concentrate - 100ml
Suitable for disinfection of all kinds, surgical instruments, anesthetic material, flexible and rigid endoscopes.