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emmi-ultrsonic 08 STH Set

emmi-ultrsonic 08 STH Set

€155.38 *

Emmi-Club Ultrasound Set 

190 QP 

Scope of delivery: 
1 pcs. Emmi-08 STH Ultrasonic Cleaning Device  
1 pcs. Basket for Emmi-08 STH 
1 pcs. Cover Plate for Emmi-08 STH 
1 EM-070 Dental Cleaner - 100ml 
1 EM-080 General Cleaner - 100ml 
1 EM-200 Disinfetant Concentrate - 100ml 

Emmi-Club Ultrasound Set for all ranges of ultrasonic cleaning.

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Emmi-Club Ultrasound Set 
190 QP 

Compact, digital Multipurpose-Ultrasound-Cleaning-Device made of stainless steel - with stainless steel-vibratory trough, timer (1 - 60 min) and continous operation. Additionally you will receive the multipurpose- and dental cleaner, the disinfectant concentrate, a cage to clean small pieses, as well as a lid.

Scope of delivery:
1 Emmi-08 STH Ultrasound-Cleaning-Device 
1 Cage for Emmi-08 STH  
1 Lid for Emmi-08 STH  
1 EM-070 Dental Cleaner - 100ml  
1 EM-080 Multipurpose Cleaner - 100ml
1 EM-200 Disinfectant Concentrate - 100m

Dimensions Emmi-08 STH:
Device-Outside (L x B x H): 200 x 110 x 160 mm  
Trough -Inside (L x B x H): 180 x 90 x 50 mm  
Cage-Inside (L x B x H): 170 x 75 x 40 mm  

Holding Capacity Emmi-08 STH:
Trough capacity : 0,8 Liter
Filling Capacity: 0,7 Liter

Emmi-Club Ultrasound Set for all areas of Ultrasound Cleaning.  
Important - Do not use inflammable chemicals, acids, and material that contains chloride ions and household cleaners. After finishing the cleaning, thoroughly rinse with water.
Delivery for Ultrasound Set:
1 piece Emmi-08 STH ultrasonic cleaner
1 piece basket for Emmi-08 STH
1 piece lid for Emmi-08 STH
1 piece EM-070 Dental Cleaner - 100ml
1 piece EM-080 universal cleaner - 100ml
1 piece of EM-200 disinfectant concentrate - 100ml